Free Course Reveals How Special Needs Parents Can Achieve Long Term Health and Fitness To Care For Their Child

  • Have More Energy to Spend Time With Your Child
  • Never Again Feel Burnout When Caring for Your Special Needs Child!
  • See Health and Fitness Improvements in The 1st Week

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SNP Fitness

What Does The Course Cover? 

  • 3 Times a Week You Will Receive Follow Along Workout Videos - That Can Be Done Anywhere
  • Daily Emails Full of Health, Wellness Tips and Do It Yourself Recovery Tips
  • Inspirational Thoughts to Help Get You Through The Struggles of Caring for Your Special Needs Child
  •  Free Recipe Books - Focusing on Healthy Choices for Meals and Post Workout Rewards!
  • Time Management Techniques to Help Add HOURS of Productivity to Your Day!

What Do People Say About Karen?

Karen is just awesome! She is an inspiration to all of us busy moms. I love reading her posts and her helpful suggestions. Keep up the great work!

Jennifer E.

Karen is a true fitness role model who can balance a healthy lifestyle with 3 kids, owning a gym and home life! She is an advocate to educating everyone about Down Syndrome to maximize hope and goals for those who live with DS.

Amanda M.

Karen is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and fitness. When I started my fitness journey, she was very helpful with tips and tools on how to keep your macros in line with your goals. She's a great role model for how she takes care of her family and her gym family! She is a true advocate for Down Syndrome, and her family is the just the best. I'm looking forward to staying on track with my fitness at her gym and with her support.

Liz J.

What Will It Cost You To Not Sign Up?

  • The Strength and Fitness to Take Care of Your Special Needs Child in Later Years! 
  • The Mental and Emotional Fortitude to Deal with Day to Day Stress!
  • Having the Constant Feeling of Not Having Enough Energy to Get Through the Day!

What Would A Course Like This Cost?

  • 3 Times a Week Workout Videos - $49+ per month
  • Nutrition Classes - $49+ per month
  • Grand Total Monthly  Cost - $99/ month at a minimum

Special Needs Parents Have Huge Financial Burdens!

I know!  I am one too.  We all need a support network of Family, Friends, and other Mentors that understand our struggles.

That's Why This Course is NOT Going to Cost You One Penny!

What it  is going to cost you is the effort to make a change for YOUR Special Needs Child.

I am going to be with you every step of the way.  Together we will prepare you for the challenges ahead!

Get Started Being a Better You for Your Child! 

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About Me

My Journey with Health and Fitness started a long time ago. I was a collegiate swimmer, my husband and I opened a CrossFit gym, so fitness has always been a big part of my life. Then came Kiera….

On February 5, 2015 my life and my journey changed directions.  Kiera was born on this day.  She was perfect in every way, all the way down to her extra little chromosome!  Surprise!  Kiera has Down Syndrome. 

Although I was not prepared for this diagnosis I knew from the moment the doctor told me she had Down Syndrome that my health and fitness was more important than ever.  None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, but for this little girl I had to do EVERYTHING in my power to be the best version of me that I can for her.  Now I want to share this goal with other parents of children with Special Needs, for our health, our minds, but mostly for our children. 

Time is not easy to come by these days, so I had to get creative.  I started doing workouts at home. Early mornings, nap time, and sometimes a movie will allow me 20 minutes of me time.  I started getting creative with smoothies for a quick but nutritious on the go meal or snack.  Now I am sharing all of them with you.  You can learn more about my journey to helping other parents of Special Needs children in I Am a Special Needs Mother.